pumpkin cookies w/ cream cheese icing

Pumpkin cookies with cream cheese icing


Yes, they are as good as they look!

I have to say before I take all the credit and give a tutorial on these cookies, that the cookie recipe was given to me by my friend Jenny H. (not Hepworth ;)) and the cream cheese icing I found on a recipe site.


I did do a little tweaking to the recipe though, so I guess I can partly claim it as my own. πŸ™‚

Here’s how to make these delicious Pumpkin Cookies with cream cheese icing.

(I’ll re-post the full recipe at the bottom of this post for easier copying & printing)

Measure out 1 Cup of Shortening…
(This post is not sponsored by Pamered Chef or Crisco. But it should be!)

…and 3 Cups Sugar.

Combine them together in a mixing bowl

and mix.

Mix in 2 eggs
Do you like my attempt at taking a picture of an egg cracking?

Add 1 large can of pumpkin (30 ounces). Please note, you are suppose to use canned pumpkin, NOT pumpkin pie mix. I bought the wrong one. Sorz about that.

Apparently we’re in a canned pumpkin shortage right now (??) but I had absolutely no issues finding and buying the canned pumpkin.

** edited to add: Captain Oblivious here (ME!) used Canned Pumpkin Pie Mix instead of Pumpkin. OMG hahahahaha! I had a reader point this out to me.

I’m DYING laughing right now at how oblivious I am sometimes. Well, in case you are wondering, use Pumpkin, NOT Pie Mix!!

(But for the record, they tasted perfect and yummy with the pie mix as well.)


Now add 1 tsp. vanilla

If you have 11 year old vanilla that you smuggled in bought from Mexico while on vacation, it tastes even yummier!

Time to mix in 5 cups flour!

The flour really mixes a lot better if you have your scraggle-muffin-looking child mix it for you.

I don’t have the fancy crank Kitchen-aid that holds like 250 cups of flour. I just have the basic kitchen-aid, so I had to pull out all the stops and use the mixing cover thingy that came with it. Otherwise with 5 cups of flour mixing around I would have had a snow storm all over my kitchen!


Now it’s time to add all the spices!

Add 2 tsp. cinnamon, 2 tsp. nutmeg, 2 tsp. baking soda, 2 tsp. baking powder, & 1 tsp. salt (not pictured).

You can tell I’ve lived all over the place just from this one picture. I’ve got HEB sugar – HEBs are only found in Texas, & I’ve got a Shop Rite nutmeg – Shop Rite’s are only on the East Coast (we lived in New Jersey for a year). I should have added my Trader Joe’s cinnamon just so I didn’t leave California out. LoL. This picture cracks me up.

Now just mix the heck out of it

You really can’t screw this up. I guess I should say to not over-mix it, but I’m not a baker and I don’t even know if that’s true. They say it is, but whatevs. Just mix it for awhile until it’s smooth and tastes good when you lick your fingers.



Be forewarned, this recipe made a ton of cookies! I didn’t count b/c I was too busy eating them as they came out of the oven (and also the batter is yummy!), but seriously, you can feed a small army with this recipe.

Now just plop the batter onto a cookie sheet and you are good to go!

I was using a cookie scoop (pictured above) but it was broken, so I tossed it and just did the rest of them the po’ mans way – with my finger.

(Don’t worry, I washed it (my batter licked finger). maybe. But even if I forgot, don’t the germs bake out anyway? At least that’s what my mom always told me. I’m still trying to figure out how the germs “bake out” of things like icing. Hmmm.)


Bake @ 350 for about 10-12 minutes.

And let cool before eating (or not, they are good warm too!).

And now for the icing!

What came first, the chicken or the egg? The icing or the cookie?

To make super yummy Cream Cheese Icing, follow these simple steps.

Plop 2 (8 ounce) packages of softened cream cheese…

(and if by “softened” the recipe means to just pull them straight from the fridge and plop them in, then they were totally softened)

…anyway, plop it in the kitchen aid bowl (unless you are old skool and just just use hand beaters. In that case, I pity you, and plop the cheese in a mixing bowl)


Mix in 1/2 cup butter, softened. I actually took this one to heart and decided to soften the butter. Let’s just say a full minute in the microwave is waaaaay too long.

It totally worked just fine though. I’m thinking the butter helped to soften the cream cheese. Win/win in my book.


Now gingerly add 2 cups sifted confectioners’ sugar

Or just bang it all in there at once. It’s way more fun to clean up.

To finish off this masterpiece, simply mix in 1 teaspoon of amazingly strong Mexican vanilla (or just plain ol’ vanilla if you don’t have the illegal kind)

After you mix it for a bit, stop your mixer and scrape the sides really well and then mix some more.

I swear, adding the butter really makes this icing so delish.

Oh crap, I just gained 5 pounds looking at this icing.

And now it’s time to ice these bad boyz.


The cream cheese icing recipe says to referigerate after mixing, but I iced these cookies, left them out overnight, and then ate one the next afternoon. I was fine. Only a *small* stomach ache but nothing some pepto couldn’t cure.




Okay, so about this photo. Several things come to mind…

* I only have one cookie cooking rack, so when they are cool (enough) I move them to make room for a new batch from the oven. Sometimes I use paper bags to set them on, sometimes I’ll use cookie sheets. This time I used left-over (unused) packaging paper from our recent move. πŸ˜‰

* I don’t own a cookie platter that stacks up several layers high (where on earth would I even store something like that?!). When I need to make a display for cookies (rarely because I hardly ever bake) I just use large and medium platters and inverted bowls in between each layer. In this case, I used Simple Additions platters and bowls by Pampered Chef.


Once they were all iced, I thought they needed *something* more so I added a smidge of cinnamon on top of each cookie. Nutmeg would work well too.

The tower of pumpkin cookies:!



I told Kinsey to pose with the cookies “for my blog” and this is what I got.


She did it just for you.

The cookies and the display are perfect for any Fall or Halloween party!


I bet you can’t eat just one!



And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for.

A fully intact recipe that you can copy and print!

‘Cause I’m nice like that.

Do you ever see recipes on blogs and they have all these cute pics, but then the recipe is so tangled in the post that it’s almost impossible to copy it for yourself? ya, me too. If you ever post recipes online, leave a user friendly version for us!


Pumpkin Cookies:

1 Cup Shortening
3 Cups Sugar
2 eggs
Mix in:
1 large can pumpkin (30 ounces)
Now add:
1 tsp. vanilla
5 cups flour
And then add:
2 tsp. cinnamon
2 tsp. nutmeg
2 tsp. baking soda
2 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. salt

Now, bake @ 350 for about 10-12 minutes. Let cool & then ice using the following Cream Cheese icing.

Cream Cheese Icing:

2 (8 ounce) packages cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup butter, softened
Gradually mix in:
2 cups sifted confectioners’ sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Blend until smooth. Store in the refrigerator after use.
Recipe courtesy of Allison @ www.houseofhepworths.com

Let me know if you end up making them and what you thought!

Shopping List:

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  1. Oooooo-they look so yummy! And I love anything pumpkin. One question tho – your recipe calls for a large can of pumpkin & the photo of the addition of the pumpkin says pumpkin pie mix on the can which I believe already has the spices in it.
    Can either be used? Help – I’m confused! LOL!!

  2. This look beyond delish!!! YUM

  3. Hi there! I’ve been reading quietly for, uhm, about 6 months now. But I couldn’t contain my silence any longer lol.

    Just had to say thanks for the yummy looking recipe! I’ve been scouring the internet for a holiday recipe that I can make for Christmas gifts for all those people that, well… that you *know* but don’t know them well enough to spend a lot of money on, therefore taking away from someone you love-love… but to *not* give them something would be rude. You know?

    So yeah. This fits that bill perfectly! =) Thanks again! I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    (I have several of them “starred” in my Google Reader. Some day, I’m actually going to make that Skeleton Key Art thing that you made a while back! Loved it!)

  4. I wonder if these taste like the ones that the Scandia Bakery sells? I think I must try these.

  5. Ooooooo….those look so yummy! Good job!

  6. The drool is flowing as I write this…yummy…pumpkin… πŸ™‚

  7. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO making these cookies this weekend!!!

  8. Every year, my family has a pumpkin party. Pumpkin MUST be the featured ingredient in everything we make. This recipe will knock them out of their chairs.


  9. They look so yummy! And almost anything tastes good with real cream cheese frosting! Ha!!

  10. love the action shot! looks absolutely nummy. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  11. These look so amazing! And I totally laughed at the 11 year old vanilla from Mexico thing, because my giant bottle from my honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta 14 years ago just ran out! πŸ˜‰

  12. I have a funny story about vanilla from Mexico.
    A girlfriend and I went to Mexico for the day and wanted to come back with some goodies. We both got 2 bottles each of vanilla and when we went through customs (separate searches) where they went through our bags (including prescription medicine alcohol and trinkets). Would you believe that it was the vanilla that blew our cover??? I know shocking! We had been found out…and would have to explain what we would do with ALL THAT VANILLA!
    My girlfriend looked at the customs officer and said “cookies?” All the while we are trying to keep from cracking up. The guy didn’t think we were funny either, he was dead serious. Which makes it even more ridiculous.

    I have no idea what they thought we would do with vanilla but we managed to escape without having to be strip searched…. thank God cuz they would have discovered the cinnamon! mmmuahhaha muuuahaha!

  13. Just got back from the grocery store with the ingredients! And I have to admit I was so hoping you’d post a printer friendly recipe at the end of the post!!

  14. Yup, I just made pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting today too!! it’s that time of year, huh?? I made frost-your-own-cookies for a Thomas the Tank Engine (Misty Island Rescue) filming we held at our house with lots of munchkins today. Too cute!!

  15. Yum! My hubs would love these. He’s a lover of all things baked with pumpkin! Cream cheese icing is so good on baked breads too!

  16. Oh my, those look DELICIOUS!!! I have a huge sweet tooth; I am totally trying that recipe this fall. It’s always nice to have something a little different than traditional pumpkin pie. Oh, and I’m really glad you put the full recipe at the bottom! πŸ™‚

  17. Made these yesterday and they were a huge hit! so delicious! thanks for sharing the recipe πŸ™‚

  18. If I only had a large can of pumpkin instead of a regular sized one and if I had some confectioners sugar, I could make these. Or if I had the gumption to get up and go to the store, I would make these.

    If I had all that…I’d definitely make these cookies because they look so yummy. Thanks for sharing them and making me hungry.

  19. Oh. My. Gosh. Just pulled these out of the oven. I’ve been swearing I’d make them ever since I saw the recipe on here the other day. All I can say is amazing! And I haven’t even iced them! Haven’t decided if I’m going to! They have almost like a pumpkin bread consistency, and I love them. I have 3 staple pumpkin recipes that I make yearly. This one will be the fourth! Thanks!

  20. Awesome. We made these last night, and you weren’t kidding. It made 65 good sized cookies, but man are they ever good. This will be a fall keeper! Thanks for the great recipe. I have been enjoying your blog, you are hilarious!!!

  21. Cream cheese icing! That is my favorite since I was a child. I should try that one with my kids and put some chocolate syrup on the top to make it yummier. Yum!

  22. mmmm i made these! so yummy and everyone LOVED them! especially the icing! AMAZING icing! its a keeper! thanks!

  23. I am definitely going to try this recipe, it looks fantastic!

  24. Yummy if you ever would like to be featured or would like to share a recipe please come become a follower and email us…Great site

    1. I love your blog. Found it on Sassy Sites, am now a follower.
    2. THIS RECIPE! I have no idea where in the country you are located, but we have a sandwich restaurant in OKC called City Bites. They make these Pumpkin Spice cookies (“secret” recipe) that I am obsessed with – I get one more often than I get a yummy sandwich. THESE COOKIES look EXACTLY like them! My husband and I are SOOO excited to try this recipe!!!
    I know you said you were passing the recipe on, but THANK YOU!

    P.S. – I don’t normally sound so ecstatic. I am just that excited!! πŸ™‚

  26. oh my…those look delicious!

  27. These look absolutely scrumptious! I’m printing it out. Thanks!

  28. I made these a couple weeks ago Allison! They were fantastic!!! I took them into work too and everyone loved them!

    Thanks for the recipe!! πŸ™‚

  29. I would like to feature these on my blog if that’s ok (Let me know)! And for the record… I am TOTALLY jealous of all your pampered chef stuff. Atleast I have my beloved PC rubber spatula. But I am done to one… the dish washer ate my 2nd one πŸ™

  30. These cookies taste like bites of cinnamon-y heavenly air!!! I haven’t even gotten the icing on them yet and I’m super psyched about them. I’ve made them for a holiday party but I’m not so sure I’m willing to share… Thanks for sharing the recipe!!

  31. What is the size of canned pumpkin you use? I used a 796 ml can and when I tried these cookies tonight. The cookies were not cooked after the 12 minutes in the oven! I’m hoping I just used too much pumpkin! Thanks!


  33. Loooove this recipe!! Also love that I usually have frosting left over and it makes a amazing fruit dip πŸ™‚

  34. Merideth Calderwood says:

    These are my FAVE!!!!!!! I make em’ all the time! Thanks Allison!

  35. Hello, after reading the directions I’m still not understanding what size can of pumpkin or how many ounces to use? Is it the 15oz. can size? Or does Libby make a larger can that maybe I’m not aware of or haven’t seen? Thanks! Anxious to make these yummy looking treats:)

    • It’s actually not as hard as it looks Cheyenne. The tohugest part for me is always cutting the layers in the cake without turning the whole thing into crumbs LOL. I found a really good bread knife made all the difference in that step. And I’m with you on the pumpkin love

  36. Pumpkin cookies are especially delicious if you add in chocolate chips… Give it a try for a yummy twist! I’ve always made them without icing, but I may have to try it out!

  37. OMG! These cookies are fantastic! My 3 year old daughter and I made them today! Thanks so much for sharing your recipe!

  38. just made these. HEAVENLY. they seriously could not be any better! i think i love you! thanks for sharing this AMAZING recipe.

  39. Sammi Olesen says:

    AMAZING!! Seriously, probably the best pumpkin cookies I’ve ever had and they were super easy to make. I’ve made a couple times already and everyone that has tried them loved them. They were the first thing to go at both parties…and there were like 50 of them, haha! Try them, and whoever you are that published these you’re awesome, I loved reading your directions and that you were funny and just “normal.” haha, thanks!

    • Ohhh yeah, totally mnaikg these. If I had a can of pumpkin I would make these right now. Maybe I’ll run to the store and get some in the morning and make them for an after-school treat for Jake tomorrow! πŸ™‚

  40. Umm, yea.. making these… STAT!!

  41. I read the recipe – cookies look DELISH! Can’t wait to try it out….but lemme just say, all of your witty commentaries on this recipe were what kept me reading the entire thing. Seriously, hilarious – as enjoyable to read and I’m sure they’ll be to eat πŸ™‚

    Thanks and happy blogging!

  42. Hi there! Cannot wait to try these. I have a recipe for these cookies that havent quite hit the spot. One question though. What is that measuring cup you have the shortening in? Does it squish it out after its measured???? I MUST have one!!!!!

  43. Made these last night and they are delicious!! I tasted these cookies a couple years ago and have been looking for the recipe since. Thank you for sharing!

  44. the one cup is now available in our regular catalog. Yeah!

  45. What the hay! Can you give a measurement for the can of pumpkin – i am looking at Libby’s website to find what a LARGE can holds. I tried the cookies from a colleague and am trying them on my own. Thanks heaps (thats two teaspoons)!

  46. I can’t believe your Mexican vanilla has lasted you 11 years! I just ran out, and am frantically trying to figure out how I’ll get more before Christmas baking really gets underway πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to try this recipe (even if I have to use plain old Madagascar vanilla).

  47. I’m thinking of making these as bars (like in a jelly roll pan) instead of individual cookies…because that sounds easier to frost than a couple dozen cookies…and I’m lazy, apparently.

    Any suggestions? Should I add an extra egg or a little bit more “liquid” to the mix?

  48. I was sent to your post by a friend’s emphatic text. I swear she was so excited about these cookies she would have clicked the button for me if I hadn’t come here myself. Can’t wait to try them! πŸ™‚

  49. how many does each batch make

  50. Michelle Proudfoot says:

    These cookies are so good! YUM! When I made them, I used a small (approx. 1 TBSP) pampered chef scooper and I got 70 cookies. If anyone is watching their calories, I figured out the numbers. SPOILER: If you don’t want to know the calories and fat grams, STOP HERE!!! πŸ˜‰ The cookie itself is 98.6 calories with 3.2 grams of fat, add the icing, then add 48 calories and 3.6 grams of fat

  51. Just made these with my kids, and we all love them! Delicious!!

  52. Thanks Allison for this great recipe and cute post of your baking process! I will be making a batch for my sugar daddy. My husband, being a youth pastor (and lover of all things pumpkin) is taking a large group of kids on a retreat this weekend. I hope the kids leave a few for him πŸ™‚
    Oh, and we will probably have to make a double batch, since it would be *sinful* not to have any left over for poor mommy and the kids, sniff sniff!

  53. I also would like to comment, it needs to be clarified in your recipe about using the canned pumpkin pie mix. I used two cans of the pumpkin which is pureed pumpkin, Well don’t know how they will turn out, but I added pumpkin pie spices to the already cinnamon and nutmeg. I hope they turn out OK, cause it would be a shame to waste all that flour, surgar etc.

  54. I am making these tomorrow!! Thank you!

  55. This is a great source for Mexican Vanilla….I’m fortunate enough to be able to buy it locally, but it is DELICIOUS! I’ll never go back to ‘regular’ vanilla!

  56. Made these today and they are delish! Added about a teaspoon of milk, a little brown sugar and nutmeg and cinnamon into the frosting though πŸ™‚

  57. Just made them last night (with orange cream cheese frosting courtesy of my 7 year old). They turned out light and fluffy and absolutely delicious! Thanks so much for the recipe. Loved the picture tutorial as well.

  58. omgosh!! I have NEVER laughed at reading a recipe as I did today!! I couldn’t quit laughing .. you are hilarious!! Thanks for the laughter w tears!! Your post is awesome! …. and i’ll have to make the cookies soon! .. and bake out MY germs! hahaha!

  59. Teresa Sparks says:

    It’s amazing how many of us have the outdated”illegal” Mexican vanilla. I have about 1/4 of the bottle left from like 1999 or something like that. There really is no comparison between the real deal and the IMITATION vanilla. I’m really going to miss it when its gone!

  60. I’m making these right now – they are excellent! They’re taking longer to bake (17 mins), but they are delicious! I’m adding chocolate chips to half of the batter. Yum. Thank you!

  61. Allison, this is a great recipe! Thanks for sharing it on your blog! These cookies were the ones I was most proud of when I made several different types yesterday. A friend came over to sample, and she ate nearly all of the pumpkin cookies I had put on a plate for her to take home (before she left!). I plan to make these at Christmas, too. They are so yummy and not too difficult for this black thumb baker!

  62. My friend posted your recipe on facebook and I just pulled my first batch out of the oven and ate my first warm pumpkin cookie sans frosting (I may have dipped my finger in the frosting and licked it while I was eating my too-hot-to-frost cookie).

    These cookies are to die. I will be blogging (and crediting you) about them later today.


  63. I made these tonight…SOOO good!!! The only thing I didn’t realize was how many it was going to make…everyone at work will be glad I found this recipe! Thanks!

  64. I just shared these on my blog, http://diaryofregularmoms.blogspot.com/2011/11/pumpkin-cookies-with-cream-cheese-icing.html! YUM! Thanks for sharing your recipe!

  65. Jennifer Ann says:

    Last night, I searched for this recipe, and I found it!!! I got much more than I bargained for. I loved that you shared the recipe and your commentary. You truly are hysterical. Your pictures and comments made me laugh out loud.

    πŸ™‚ I will have to subscribe so that you can keep me smiling.

    I’m in the kitchen making these right now. I **know** they will be yummy.

  66. Made this Thursday and took about 40 to work on Friday and they were gone in two hours! LOVE them….I used the actual pumpkin and not the.pumpkin pie filling and I had to bake longer than just 10 to 12 mins…had to leave.them in for about 15 to 18…awesome cookies!

    • Oh for heaven’s sake, canend? That’s just yucky! Get a butternut squash, cut it in half, scoop out the seeds, and roast it for 45 minutes in a 350 degree oven (until the skin pulls away easily) and spend the five minutes it takes to peel it. It’s really easy, and it’s so much yummier. This will work with any sweet winter squash you don’t have to use a pumpkin. If you do use a pumpkin, don’t roast it whole cut it before you roast it, so that it fits in the pan. A pumpkin probably won’t have to roast as long, because it’s thinner.You can use powdered milk mix it in with regular milk. Use about a quarter of the sugar the Libby’s recipe calls for the squash (or pumpkin) is nearly sweet enough on its own. It’s no accident that the pilgrims were able to live on these.

  67. I’m glad I’m not the only person using an illegal 11 year old bottle of vanilla πŸ™‚

  68. Hi! I made these for my family last week and they are AMAZING!!! Thank you for sharing the recipe! They were so good, I just did a post on them…linking back to you! πŸ™‚ Here it is:


  69. Can you make these with butter instead of shortening?

  70. My niece madet these for thanksgiving. She actually has SO many cookies that she decided to ice the botton of them and stick 2 together bottom to bottom…made sort of a whoopie pie type thing. Anyway….they were delicious!! And she pointed me in the direction of your recipe. Just wanted to let you know that the tutorial was funny and fun to read…and Im SO gonna make the cookies!! Thanks!!

  71. Love these! Like you, I couldn’t stop eating them as they came out of the oven. Pure deliciousness! Thanks for sharing your recipe!

  72. Omg! You are hilarious! I so enjoyed reading this. I liters rally laughed out loud . Lol! Thanks for that. I love a ” domestic” person who is not a perfectionist. I relate to that. See typo in line above.

  73. I just made these cookies yesterday, and they were delicious! Even though they’re pumpkin, we are making them every year as a part of Christmas cookie batch. Thanks for sharing your recipe, and I loved how you included pictures of each step! It was very helpful!

    The perfect fall or winter cookie. πŸ™‚

  75. Saw these on pinterest and brought back wonderful memories of my father-in-law baking them while I was pregnant with my twins. He passed his recipe on to me before his passing but he added white chocolate chips and walnuts or pecans (whatever in the pantry). LOVE these!

  76. These were awesome! Are you supposed to refrigerate the cookies once they are frosted!

  77. Looks amazing but send me your address so I can send you some fantastic cinnamon to go with the good vanilla. Or you could also call your local Watkins dealer.

  78. Can the Crisco be replaced by butter? I’m not really sure what Crisco adds, but I made cookies the other day with Crisco instead of butter and I thought they tasted funny. These look delicious though!

  79. I made these last night and yes, they do make a lot! The flavor is great, however the texture is so light and fluffy I thought it would make a better muffin, so I put some in a muffin pan too. I think they are so delicious as muffins, with no frosting and warm with some melted butter. Yum! Might be a new addition to my XMAS morning breakfast spread. Thanks!

  80. instead of frosting, i use butterscotch chips in the batter. i also sub applesauce for the shortening and the cookies puff up. i might try half butter and half applesauce next time.

  81. I was so excited to try this recipe because I LOVE pumpkin. The only problems I had were the baking time, I had to double it, and the frosting. I LOVED the frosting but not on this cookie. My husband made a frosting with cinnamon, milk and confectioners sugar that tasted much better on these cookies, not to mention it was a lot fewer calories than the one you suggest. The cream cheese frosting just didn’t compliment these cookies (more like scones) but I kept the batch I made any way because it will taste GREAT on a carrot cake or even on banana bread. I’m not sure why I had to cook my cookies for 24 min. perhaps it was my altitude? Any way, it is still a great recipe and I’m happy you posted it! I will definitely make them again! Thank you!!! πŸ™‚

  82. Ha! I’m glad you commented on your vanilla. I saw the label “Molina” and I thought, I don’t think that would be from her area. I was a bit puzzled, but then I started laughing when I saw your comment.

  83. I LOVE anything & everything PUMPKIN πŸ™‚ So I just HAD to make these yesterday! They are delicious! However next time I will cut the recipe in half! It made so many cookies, I could feed a small army! Also everyone says they were more like muffins! Great recipe thank you for sharing πŸ™‚

  84. I made these last year and they are amazing! Only difference was I made brown butter frosting..sooooo good!

  85. Omgosh, that was too cute! I couldn’t help but read the whole post.
    As soon as pumpkins are in season, Im going to try this out….not a fan of the canned stuff.
    Thanks for the post! πŸ™‚

  86. Can’t wait to try this. Just happen to have a can of pumpkin in the cabinet…

  87. Loved SO many things about your posting! HEB (I knew you had to be a home state girl!), your funny comments, and any recipe with pumpkin! (The longhorn on the plate made me twitch a bit πŸ˜‰ Awesome post! Thanks and gig ’em ;P

  88. Found this on Pinterest & made them tonight. OMG these are absolutely divine. I cut recipe in half (5 cups flour kinda frightening) but wish I would have made full batch. Still got 90 cookies out of it. LOVE LOVE THEM. I think I just found my favorite cookie. Thank you for sharing this fabulous recipe.

  89. I love, love, love all things Pumpkin and Fall so I will have to try this recipe!
    I also am a Pampered Chef consultant, so I love, love, love all things Pampered Chef too!
    I have to say, PC’s Double Strength Vanilla is really good! It is authentic Vanilla (not imitation) and you use half what the recipe calls for (because it’s double strength). It may not last as long as your giant smuggled Mexican bottle of vanilla, but I promise it’s yummy!
    Check it out…
    Thanks for the yummy recipe!

  90. These cookies look yummy, but the best part was You & how stink in funny you are! Thx for the recipe!
    I’m not sold on the crisco though, I’m a natural butter girl all the way! πŸ™‚
    Look forwar to reading more from you

  91. It appears from the photo that you are using pumpkin pie mix and not just pumpkin. Is that correct? I have several cans of pumpkin I could use but maybe you have to have the pumpkin pie mix. Please comment.

    • I Was just about to comment.. Is it pumpkin pie mix we’re suppose to use or regular plan pumpkin mix? Photo says “pie mix”… Captions and edited not have me confused. Can someone clarify?

      • Melissa, I accidentally used pie mix and didn’t realize it until afterward when I was writing the post. Doh! You are suppose to use regular canned pumpkin. Sorry about the confusion.

  92. Allison White says:

    We don’t have canned pumpkin in Australia, as we have plenty of fresh pumpkin year round, so I was wondering if anyone has ever used fresh instead? I’ll have to experiment as they sound so yummy.

  93. I made these cookies a few days ago. They are so soft and moist. The only problem I had was the icing wasnt as sweet as I thought it would be. Everyone said it seemed to need someting. I had agreed that I thought the icing would have turned out different. So I think next time i’ll buy store icing or make it with the homeade icing I make for my sugar cookies.

  94. Thanks so much for this yummy receipe – I can’t wait to give it a try! I giggled and drooled through all the pics and comments – it’s nice to see someone bakes like me! πŸ™‚ And all 3 of my daughters probably would have given me the same pic!

  95. These are really good with panuche icing, and butter makes them better. Also, I would not use the pie mix, it already has your spices, and egg in it. Regular can pumpkin works better.

  96. I made these tonight at the request of my husband. OH MY WORD are they amazing! I did tweak the frosting recipe by using low fat cream cheese and I think it caused it to be thinner so I compensated by using extra powdered sugar. While this totally negated the low fat-ness of the cream cheese, it made the frosting super tasty. (And somehow I ended up with a bunch of extra frosting! YAY!) Thank you so much for sharing this yummy recipe!

  97. I love the cookie recipe but I wanted to tell you that you made me laugh out loud with your blog. Thanks!

  98. I found this recipe just over a year ago and made them for our bake sale (and some for home). But I had lost the paper i wrote it on and wanted to make them this season again. (I also stocked up on pumpkin because of shortage last year.. lol) But after searching, i found that i had saved it to my computer and never knew it.. so happy now though! Making the cookies tomorrow. So excited! Delicious! thank you

  99. this may sound like a dumb question, but you said refrigerate the frosting after you frost the cookies do you keep them in the frig?

  100. Great fall cookies!! I cut the recipe in half and it made 60 cookies!

  101. My favorite cookies: pumpkin! I found your recipe on Pinterest and can’t wait to try these decadent treats! Thanks for sharing!

    Readers may also enjoy using easy homemade pumpkin puree while pumpkins are readily available at this time of year: http://cookingripe.wordpress.com/2012/09/26/homemade-pumpkin-puree/

  102. I saw some Lofthouse pumpkin cookies last week and had to try them and they were so good. I was looking for something like them. This recipe is so spot on. They are awesome. I made just half a batch and it made 77 cookies (2″ ). (I used my smallest Pampered Chef scoop leveled off)/ thanks for the recipe. Another way to use my homemade pumpkin puree.

  103. Any way to substitute the Crisco?

    • I have no idea. I’m not a baker by any stretch of the imagination, so I just stick with the recipe when I bake. I’m sure there’s something you can substitute though. Have you tried butter?

  104. Hey, howdy, hey neighbor!

    I am so going to make these! We just got some money and today is shopping day. I decided to go over my list and add one recipe that I wanted to try (from my Pinterest board, actually) And you were it.! Thank you for posting the “user friendly” version. I was worried when I was scrolling through all your pictures to find it πŸ˜‰ Ha ha, silly me!

    I can’t wait to make these! (FYI, I do have a small army to feed anyway. I live with my parents and six siblings, plus my spouse and 1 year old child. So I had to laugh when you wrote that this recipe could feed a small army. Ha ha!)

  105. Just made these to add to a “cookie bar” at a family party. Gave them to the family at home to taste test and they LOVED them. I did not have nutmeg so instead I used pumpkin pie spice and it worked just fine. I also halfed the recipe since I didnt want to make too much. I definately will be making these again and again. Thanks so much for a delicious and EASY recipe.

  106. I baked these cookies several times last fall….They were amazing….getting ready to make them again….they are easy to make and make ALOT of cookies, So if your not in the mood to bake several hours cut the recipe in half. FYI write the web page down, if not you will scroll through four pages trying to find this! Or triple copy this and put it in your cook book….

  107. I just made these cookies!! They are amazing!!! I love the blog. I set up my iPad and just followed the pictures and it was great!!! Thanks for the great recipe

  108. These are amazing!! Just got done making them, no frosting yet and they are delicious!! Thanks for the shared recipe!

  109. Shannon Burke says:

    These were the best cookies I have ever made! The only thing though was the recipe made 6 dozen! I will be making them again, they were amazing!!!

  110. I just made these–absolutely delicious!!! Although I think half a recipe is more than enough for me and my husband–my coworkers sure will be happy w me:). I do love cream cheese, however I think I could have easily used one package and still liked them–a little too cream cheesey for me and not enough frosting like. I wil def make this recipe again–maybe as cupcakes next time:)

  111. Do you about how many cookies this recipe yields? Those look like hefty proportions, I wonder how cookies many I could get out of it by halving everything. Looks delicious, regardless! Can’t wait to try!

  112. These are AMAZING!!!!!

  113. OMG…I never respond to anything, but this was just too hilarious and delicious not to respond to. First off, the cookies were AMMMMAAAAZZING!!! SUPER delicious and moist and easy. And secondly, you are stinking hilarious. I laughed so hard reading your directions. So, thank you for the great recipe and the great laugh…both are medicine to my soul : )

  114. Just made these yummy cookies. It makes a huge amount of cookies, so it will be enough to bring to two functions tomorrow. πŸ™‚ it’s a keeper!

  115. You are absolutely hilarious! I love your spin on your descriptions and I visit many blogs that have recipes and posts but your sense of humor is the best.
    My daughter sent me this recipe and I’m glad she did. It sounds delicious and I can’t wait to make them.

  116. Do these cookies need to be refrigerated after icing them? They look amazing and I am going to bake them real soon:)

  117. OMG, you are hilarious!! I can’t wait to make these for our kids play date this week. They look so yummy!! Thank you for sharing!

  118. Do you have to refrigerate the cookies if they have the frosting on them?

    • Do you have to refrigerate the cookies if they have the frosting on them?
      Nevermind! Just saw the above response. πŸ™‚

  119. Made these tonight! WOW!!! Delicious! Thanks for pinning and sharing! they were pretty easy and tasted wonderful. Grandsons couldn’t get enough!

  120. Made these today. Cut the recipe in half and used the PC small scoop and it still made a lot of yummy cookies : ). I sprinkled them with pumpkin pie spice……deelish!!

  121. I think the canned pumpkin and canned pumpkin pie mix must make a difference. I used just canned pumpkin and didn’t find it flavorful enough. I added 1 more tspn of vanilla & nutmeg. I also had to bake for 16 minutes to get them done in the center. Frosting recipe could be halved and still be sufficient!! Cookies were okay.

  122. Cookies are in the oven as I post this comment. This is the first time I made any type of homemade cookies and I was surprised how easy it is. Thanks for the recipe and thr way you explained everything made it that much easier. Hope thwy taste as good as they smell. Mmmmm

  123. i made these pumpkin cookies and oh my!!!! they are sooo delicious!!! this makes so much that i gave some to three of my neighbors. thank you for sharing the recipe!!! jeannette


  125. Anxious to try these cookies they look scrumptious. This would make a great Christmas Exchange cookies as well. Are they soft as molasses cookies are? Thanks for posting.

  126. Made these using 1/4 c oil in place of each egg to make them safe for my godson who has an egg allergy and my family LOVED them. Now I’m afraid to make them “regular” with eggs. Awesome recipe πŸ™‚

  127. These are pretty darn tasty and super easy to make

    The only suggestions I have for future bakers are:

    1. Mix the spices into the flour to get a better distribution (I didn’t and found it difficult to mix into the batter at the end)

    2. Split the recipe in half if you are just making these just for your family, yourself, etc (I did and still ended up with near 50 cookies and I wasn’t being conservative in plopping them onto the cookie pan)


  128. I laughed out loud so many times as I read your instructions. You are hilarious! Guess I will have to bake these now….and I’m probably gonna use the pumpkin pie mix because I don’t have the pumpkin. Ha. Ha. Thanks for the giggles and I’ll let you know how they turned out. Merry Christmas!

  129. I have made these twice and they are to die for! My whole family says they are a big hit. My little sister insisted that I make them for her birthday. You are right, the whole recipe does feed a small army! But, I had more than enough icing left over (still some in my fridge, as a matter of fact. I’ll save it for a rainy day) Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

    Merry Christmas

  130. Hi! I found you on Pinterest. Do you refrigerate the icing before icing the cookies? How do you store them – airtight container in the fridge? Thanks!

  131. I would also smuggle uuh buy Mexican vanilla until one day I went to the 99 cent store and to my surprise they have them there for only, yes you guessed it, 99 cents. Best day of my life! Anyway can’t wait until fall so I can make the cookies! They look so good!

  132. I must say that this recipe really caught my eye, looked so yummy and I just HAD to go on and read it and save and share….BUT while reading it I was laughing so hard it was hard to read…… I love it when you find people that STILL have a sense of humour….. KUDOS to the one who posted this , wonderful job and you had me LOL’ING , and I must say your daughter topped it all off at the end …..I would love for you to post some more, even if it’s just for a good read :D, THANK YOU for the laugh that was SO much needed today!!!!!!!!!!!!!, (thanks from WEST VIRGINIA)

    • Haha you are welcome, Tina! I try to make my posts humorous, but some are a lot more funny than others. I am going to re-read my pumpkin cookie post because I wrote it so long ago I forgot what I even said. Hopefully nothing too embarrassing. lol

  133. Sounds so good. I think may do a batch and to half of it add raisins. Had a recipe years ago and it used raisins. Sort of sounds like the same one but without the raisins. Bet it would be good with butterscotch chips added too.

  134. I just finished making them. They are amazing. I did exchange the crisco for equal amount of butter, and I added milk chocolate chips. Great recipe!

  135. I LOVED this recipe. Instead of trying to measure out Crisco I used the Butter Crisco sticks. Wasn’t quite prepared for how many dozen the recipe made though…oh well, it just meant that my office got cookies too! They were happy about that.

  136. I’m absolutely making these. I’m going to use butter too. Thanks for a fantastic recipe!

  137. I haven’t even frosted any yet and my husband and I Love them! I can’t wait to take these to work…

  138. I am in love w these cookies πŸ™‚ they are the best I ever had!!!

  139. I am SO excited to make this cookies! I’ll be taking them to a Thanksgiving tailgating party!
    Does the frosting set-up & get hard so I would be able to stack them on top of each other for transporting?

  140. Made these cookies this evening. They’re not super sweet, but I’m not a big fan of frosting or icing on anything. So I tried two different ideas. On half the batch after baking I drizzled candy melts over them. The other half of the batch I added vanilla chips to the batter before baking. Both turned out really good. Can’t decide which I like better.

  141. Courtney Locke says:

    I just made these cookies yesterday, and while they were a huge hit and absolutely delicious, my cookies got soggy πŸ™ what happened? I followed the recipe exact. (Except
    The 11 year old vanilla) I frosted half the batch and left the other half unfrosted. I refrigerated them like you said and all them got soggy. Even the cookies that didn’t have frosting and I didn’t ref. Do you know why this happened? I was so disappointed because I expected them to have a great mix of a crunchy and soft, and they were more like bread.

  142. Found your blog last year and LOVE these cookies! I’m making them again and was wondering if it’d be alright to freeze some of the dough for later use?

  143. These sound awesome, Allison! A fall treat I will have to try! It was great finally meeting you at BE last week-end. Your blog is one of the ones that inspired me when I first began blogging myself! God bless!

  144. Teresa Carobine says:

    This is an amazingly good cookie! I did use a very large Tupperware bowl and a handheld mixer. A few ingredients were added or changed in the cookie dough. Coconut oil in place of butter, 2 c. of sugar and 8 pkts. of Stevia (natural no calorie sweetener), 1/2 tsp. less of Nutmeg, added 1 tsp. Cloves, 1 TBLS Molasses. Also I chilled the dough, rolled it into balls and flattened them a little with a glass. Makes about 3 dozen cookies.

  145. Just made these today and love them! Such and easy recipe and it makes plenty! Thank you so much!

  146. Teresa Carobine says:

    Very good cookies. Thank you!!! I Have made these several times and have changed the butter to coconut oil, and added 1 tsp. cloves and 1 Tbls. molasses. I can’t keep them in the house!

  147. My grandmother, who died 3 years ago at the age of 93, made these cookies since the time I was a child (I’m 46). She made them with cream cheese frosting. I make them every year. They are a friend and family favorite”

  148. Sarah Robbins says:

    They turned out so good!! Thank you for the recipe!

  149. Why don’t you answer peoples questions.. pretty rude if you post a recipie and dont answer people

    • Which question did I not answer? I’m sorry! I thought I’d answered them all. I’ve had so many comments on this post, I guess some comments got overlooked.


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