How Now Orange Cow {dining room painting}

It’s been awhile since I updated you on any dining room progress, so I figure it high time we revisit this little purple people eater, er, I mean, this little purple room.

When we moved in a little over two years ago, the room looked like this (otherwise known as the Barney Massacare room):

If you are new(er) here, you probably are more familier with this version of the room:

Now that we’ve got the pleasantries out of the way, let’s talk barn animals. Or rather, huge orange cows, and how they fit in with this dining room with the bird curtains.

Back in August I instagram’d some new artwork I found. Yes, I just invented the word instagram’d. Isn’t this cow amazing? (The art, not my adorable boy).

It took me a month to figure out where to hang her, but once I decided it just seemed such an obvious spot.

I seriously am in love with this cow. I’m not usually so obsessed with barn animals, but I can’t help from smiling every time I look at this painting.

Try to overlook the still unfinished dining chairs. They have been a bigger thorn in my side than I could have ever anticipated. I’m ready to turn them into firewood.

Doesn’t Bessie just seem to fit so perfectly there? You can see her from the front door too. It’s really the simple things that get me the most excited. Orange. Cows. Orange Cows. You know.

I really am no professional at decorating (I’m sure that’s obvious). I just buy and create what I love, and mash it all together. If you hate it, good thing you don’t live here! If you love it, you are now my best friend and can move in whenever you’d like.

Chase couldn’t miss out on all the photo taking action. Or he just likes to sun bathe in a warm spot each afternoon. One or the other. He’s really quite a camera hog. If you love dog pictures just say the word and I’ll start posting more of him.

Oh, and in case you actually read through to the end, I take back what I said last night about Downton Abbey. I spent this afternoon watching THE ENTIRE FIRST SEASON and Oh-Emmm-Geee I am hooked. You guys were right. This show is amazing. I guess it took the first two episodes to really get into it. I wish Netfix had the 2nd season. Boo. I’m going to have to finagle a way to watch it.

Oh, and Mooooooo.

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  1. Great, I’ll be moving in next week! 😉 Downton Abbey is my FAVORITE. Hulu has Season 2. My husband made me stay up all night to watch it… and now I’m watching it all again and it’s even better. I love the colors and textures in the rooms and clothes! I take inspiration from that show in my card making all the time! P.S. that cow painting adds so much personality to the room!

  2. Wow!! I love that cow! She would look pretty good in my house too ~ wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Darn I wish I could paint! You know.. nice things…um nice paintings? Okay so I totally have to get off my butt and do a whole dining room kitchen reveal since I stenciled and painted the walls orange. Thanks for the push!

    • I wish I could paint that well too! I found her at our University Co-op. I’ve also seen the painting at the Blue Bell Factory and also on a website called Antique Farm House.

  3. Love the cow painting!
    I felt the same way about downton abbey…at first I was wondering what all the hype was about…then I couldn’t stop thinking about the one episode I saw….next thing I knew I had watched the whole season straight through. Felt sorry for those that had to wait weeks in between episodes! : )
    I bought the second season on iTunes. And watched that straight through as well…only this time I was prepared to hunker down. : )
    Have fun watching the second season!!

  4. Awesome cow, and your post had me laughing!!!
    And I seriously have to check out the show now.
    Thanks for starting my day with a smile!

  5. that is a cute picture, I love it! Also your puppy, oh I used to have a yorkie that would sleep in the sun spots all day, she would move across the room with them, so fun.

  6. It looks great in your space!

  7. I love it! It’s fun and quirky and adds a lot of personality to the space. So cute.

  8. I would have NEVER thought cow art could look so good! It’s perfect. I love finding art / items in the perfect colors to complement what’s going on in a room. You did good!!

  9. Love your cow! Love your whole dining room!
    I haven’t yet watched Downton Abbey but am eager to see it.

  10. I love the orange cow! I would never be able to convince my husband that it was worthy art… but growing up spending time at my grandparents’ farm has left me with a soft spot for cows. They’re just so sweet 🙂

    What kind of dog is Chase? We have a little one and have considered getting a dog but can’t settle on which kind. Chase just looks so sweet 🙂

    • Chase is a Yorkie. He weighs 8.5 lbs – small little thing. He is a very sweet dog. We got him because his fur type isn’t as allergy ridden as other dogs. He doesn’t shed and he doesn’t have usual dog fur. It never stops growing. We have to shave him down with dog clippers about once a month. It isn’t that bad but it’s hard to cut around his paper-thin ears and between all his toes. He’s a snuggler and is a great dog. He does love to bark his head off at cats out the window though.

      • Sorry this is terribly off topic but I have a couple more questions about Chase.

        Is he a good family dog? My little one is 15 months and we have some issues with him and the in-laws’ Lahsa because she feels the need to assert herself (getting in his face, etc.) She wouldn’t hurt him but she’s not like what I grew up with. I’m used to large, protective, calm dogs… my husband is terrified of large dogs (bad childhood experience) and only wants to consider small dogs. We also need something that is good for allergy sufferers because we all… suffer. 🙂 Is it really true, does he really not shed? I have a strong dislike for animal hair on… anything 🙂

        Thank you!!

  11. You have great taste with adding the cow to the dinning room. I love cows! I have not watched the show Downtown Abby, guess I will have to Netfix it and watch the 1st season too. Your dog is just too cute.

  12. Regena Fickes says:

    I love the cow. She is ready to step into the room! Your dog is adorable. Such a character. I have a Pom who allows me to live in his house, prepare his food and do his every biddilng in exchange for snuggles, kisses and long soulful looks. Can you tell I love animals? I have a cat also. Love the inspiration I always get from you,

  13. Hey Allison – I think it looks great! Bevo would have looked good too!

    Your tutorial on your curtains was one of the first things I ever discovered in blogland. Really – who knew all this information was out there waiting for us?

  14. Love your orange cow! And I totally agree, it’s what YOU like that matters most. My kitchen is made up of quirky animals… white claw foot pedestal table with red nails, leaf green chairs, yellow “-no evil” monkeys, ceramic fish with fake lashes and red lips, framed children’s artwork, etc. It makes me smile every day!

  15. More Chase pictures! He’s adorable!

  16. I’m so relieved you pushed through the first two episodes. I love that show so much that I downloaded the theme song as my ring tone. Whenever my phone rings every member of my family takes great theatrical pleasure in imitating the music. I can’t wait for season three. And yes – you must watch season 2 on Hulu!

    ps – great cow!

  17. It’s moo-valous! Bessie looks great in your dining room. It was definitely meant to be. I’m not a big barn animals, but I love Miss Mustard Seed’s cow painting.

  18. Love the orange cow! It’s a great addition to the room!

    And I need to find the second season of Downton Abbey too!

  19. Bestest Sister Ever says:

    First, I’d like to say that hanging a painting of a cow in your dining room is the perfect way to teach your kids where steak and burgers come from. Good choice!

    Second, I have season 2 of Downton Abbey. You can watch it. I’d say borrow, but it was not legally downloaded onto my computer somehow one night while I was sleeping. Not quite sure how that happened, but I didn’t complain. 🙂

  20. Gorgeous curtains!!! Love the color….and the cow..She needs a name I think.

    btw…not a real life puppy person…horribly allergic to cats and dogs…..but oh my goodness Chase is precious.
    Definitely, definitely need more Chase….please.

  21. looks like a childhood cow named Teenie. She was quite small for her age and liked to have twin calves and they always managed to have a deer-like quality aith the most marvelous eyelashes.

  22. I LOVE Chase! He is too stinkin’ cute! Love that cow too.

  23. Yep, I saw someone already told you Hulu. My neighbor just watched season 2 that way and then cancelled it before her second month was charged. But I wasn’t the one who told you to do that!! Enjoy!

  24. I think Bessie looks awesome! She’s funky and beautiful! 🙂 Your dining room is so nicely decorated! I love how the blue in the cow painting is pulled out by the vase on your table! Then the extra punches of color added by the other art prints! Everything goes together so well! It’s awesome!

  25. I LOVE Jerseys! (That’s the breed Bessie is, in case you’re wondering…) They are really cute. Next favorite would be Scottish Highlanders. They are adorable! I love the quirk Bessie adds to your dining room while still matching your colors. Its fun but doesn’t hit you over the head like its out of place. Great inspiration!

  26. Hi, I’ve never commented on your blog before, but I love it! The cow art is fantastic. I don’t normally like that sort of thing, but that one definitely speaks to me. Also, Downton Abbey is Ah. Maze. Ing. I watched Seasons 1 and 2 over the last week or so…you can watch the second season on Amazon (it’s free if you have an Amazon Prime membership). If you think season 1 is fabulous, you’ll just die over season 2!

  27. where did you get his picture of your orange cow? I love it!

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