Installing new pendant lighting in our custom IKEA kitchen

Our kitchen renovation is moving right along. Now that we have the bulk of the kitchen renovation finished, it's time to turn my attention over to some new lighting. I'll share with you our amazing new pendants as well as some tips for making installation even easier. As you can see, our lighting situation is a little sad. We had one chandelier that hung over where the breakfast table used to be. Instead of having a table, we replaced it with a huge L-shaped island. Instead of having one chandelier hang off-center, we hung some new amazing pendant lights instead. … [Read more...]

How to install hardware like a pro – IKEA kitchen renovation

Are you ready for more IKEA kitchen posts? I’m determined to finish this kitchen once and for all! Today I’m back to share all about our kitchen hardware - where we purchased it and the best way to install it. Our hardware is from IKEA (surprise, surprise!). I shopped around for other options, but I really fell in love with this hardware from IKEA. It’s called Bagganas and comes in a few colors; black, stainless steel, and gold. It also comes in two lengths; 5 5/8" and 13 3/16". I love love LOVE this hardware. I still can’t believe it’s from IKEA. They have come a long way in thei … [Read more...]

Personalizing a tumbler with custom vinyl

Hey fam! I'm super excited. I'm headed to the Haven Conference this weekend. I haven't been to any conferences in several years so I'm really excited about this one! Are you going to Haven? I basically low-key took a blogging break for a long time due to some stuff in my personal life but finally that is all sorted out and I've been able to put my heart back into my blog again. I don't want to get into the personal reasons for taking time off, but please know that I have missed you guys so much and am truly grateful to be back here again. I don't foresee me disappearing from the blog world … [Read more...]

Installing IKEA quartz countertops – Frosty Carrina

Today is countertop day! Can I get a holla?! Yes, we are still talking about our IKEA kitchen. DIYing an IKEA kitchen is no joke. So. Much. Work! The countertops were not DIY (thank goodness) - IKEA sent a crew over to measure and install the countertops. We are super happy with them and am glad we purchased them through IKEA. Here's our kitchen, ready for countertops! When we ordered our kitchen through IKEA we told them we wanted to purchase the countertops also. We chose our material and they did a rough square footage to come up with the cost. They also gave us their 3rd party … [Read more...]

Run cables in-wall with a PVC cable drop

Today I'm sharing one of the coolest things in my kitchen. During construction of our new customized IKEA kitchen we created a small cabinet and counter that wrap around a short wall. The wall is about 24" wide and the countertop will be about 8" deep. This was a great way to use some otherwise dead space and create a perfect little counter and cabinet for all our electronics. Below is a photo of the open cabinet. We created this custom narrow cabinet and counter area to be a hub area for things like our Amazon Echo, cell phone chargers, our alarm system touch screen, etc. If we … [Read more...]

One of the craziest things I’ve ever done – I pierced my nose!

I just did one of the craziest things I've ever done - I pierced my nose! I still can't believe I actually went through with it. I've wanted to pierce my nose for years. I've talked about it for so many years that I'm pretty much the girl who cried wolf. In fact, way back in 2015 I posted on Instagram and Facebook that I wanted to pierce my nose. I found a temporary sticky stud, put it on my nose, and asked you guys what you thought: Instagram post // Facebook post Almost everyone was incredibly supportive and told me to go do it. Well, I chickened out. It took me almost 3 more … [Read more...]

Creating a wrap-around cabinet & moving the dishwasher || IKEA kitchen renovation

Happy Hump Day! Today I'm switching gears from the Custom IKEA kitchen island over to the sink area. We had two big custom areas in our kitchen: the island and the sink area. Let's start with the "before" photos so you can get an idea of our overall plan. Here's the kitchen the day we moved in 3 years ago. The dishwasher is to the right of the sink. We want to move the dishwasher to the left of the sink so we can put in a lazy Susan to the right of the sink. Here's a better "before" picture (below) of how we were living in our kitchen before the renovation. As you can see, we had a … [Read more...]