The best of September 2010

Let’s wrap up September, shall we?

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I started off the month by showing off my new clearance pillows and my semi-finished family room!

And then swooned over the new GLASS bowl for the kitchen aid (I still want one!)

I showed everyone my Master bathroom renovation I did last year…

I embarrassed myself by posting an outtake video from my Sponsor Redi Shade.

And then gave you a tip on how to make your morning school routine run more smoothly.

Then I gave a tutorial on how to create a cheap (but not looking!) Fall Wreath from the dollar store.

Right after that my house flooded!

And I had to cut out a huge hole in my ceiling to assess the issue. 🙁

During all this flooding hoopla I updated a few tabs at the top of my blog.

And then came the craft that swept America by storm!

The birth of the Dryer Vent Pumpkin!

Who knew it’d be so popular? I’m thrilled you all loved it so much.

After all the embarrassment I received over my Redi Shade outtake video, I had to post a rebuttal!

I found an awesome blog that I had to share with the world


After that, I showed you how easy it is to make a Pottery Barn inspired mirror.

Then came a post about a bunch of Craigslist scores I’ve made.

And my B&A from cleaning out the closet (with a promise to give a tut on how to make some DDR pads!)


After my closet was cleaned out, I finally tackled the huge hole in my ceiling.

I begged and pleaded for advice on how to paint my piano…

…got a score of a deal on a cute basket…

…and replaced a few fixtures.

By this point America had dryer vent pumpkin and dollar store Fall wreath fever, so I highlighted several people that made their own.

I must be on a wreath kick because I made a 2nd fall wreath by channeling my inner Martha.

Then I showed you how I save a little bit of cash on dryer sheets.

I then proceeded to fret over paint colors and begged for your opinion – which you gave some great advice on!

My mantle has evolved since we moved in…

And then finally yesterday I had a clothing crisis and turned to you guys to help dress us for our family portrait.

What a fun month!

And of course, how could I close without bragging about my awesome advertisers?!

Check these awesome peeps out!

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Thanks to each and every one of you for plugging along with me on my blogging adventures!

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  1. What a fun month!

    I am super excited for October!

  2. You had a great month~looking forward t the month ahead1

  3. Yep!! Great month for sure!!
    Love the mantle still!!
    PS Did you decide on painting the piano and what color?

  4. What a great idea to do a recap of the month. I’m sure you won’t mind if I repeat. Wow you’ve been a busy gal!! I’ll have to check out your rebuttal tape, from your expression I’m sure it will be funny too.

    Katharine @ Kat’s AlmostPurrfect World

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