Mini Ornament Wreath {holiday}

As promised, I’m back with a 2nd wreath. This is pretty much the same as the last wreath, but in mini form. Because honestly, what’s cuter than a mini wreath?

My daughter wanted to make a wreath, and how can I say no to a) this adorable face, and b) a daughter who wants to craft with me?! So we made a mini wreath. We started with a bunch of mini ornaments from Target, a wreath form, and some fabric.

We wrapped the form in fabric first. Now we have a good surface for the hot glue to stick to.

Next, she wrapped the wreath in some silver tinsel.

And from here, the fun begins! We just randomly hot glued all the ornaments all over the wreath. We didn’t aim for any pattern at all but we did try as much as possible to not put two of the same color right next to each other.

Our final wreath is my favorite wreath yet! I love how the tinsel really pokes out between the ornaments.

Have a great day!

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  1. this is adorable!
    I love your posts but I miss your videos. I would watch them while having my coffee. I hope you are planning to get back to them after the hustle & bustle of he holidays is over.
    Merry Christmas to your family!!

  2. Julie Banister says:

    Love these wreaths! Your crafts rock!
    Can you tell me how you hung them? Did you add a hanger on the back of it?
    Oh and I LOVE my new Home for the Holidays sign! Thank you again! I can’t believe I won something!
    Love you Allison!

    • Julie, I’m glad you got the sign safely! I hot glued a loop of ribbon on the back of the small wreath and wrapped a piece of ribbon around the big wreath to form a loop. Then I hung them both with command hooks.

  3. Pretty stinkin CUTE! I love the picture the the stockings and tree in the background! Yep, how can you not love crafting WITH a daughter! Good times…

  4. Evelyn Perry says:

    Mini wreaths are so cute. And I love the pics with your daughter, I’d love some help like that too, too bad my boys prefer videogame, haha =D

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