FOR SALE: Coppell, TX house

Looking for a home in the DFW area?

We are selling our home in Coppell, TX! SOLD


* 3 bedrooms
* 2 bathrooms
* 2 Living
* 2 dining (formal and breakfast)
* 1958 square feet
* Built in 1985
* Tons of updates!
* Award Winning Coppell ISD
* Alleyway


We lived in this home before we moved to Austin. We are only selling because of our relocation. I absolutely loved living in this home because of it’s location and great floor plan! It’s currently a rental property, but is being rented by our dear friends, so we know it’s been well taken care of.

The home has gone through enormous transformation over the past several years and is *mostly* updated with only a few exceptions.

Here are pictures and descriptions of the home. Some I took before we moved out, but most are current pictures that I pulled from the MLS Listing.

Front of house:




Formal Living Room:




I updated the Formal Living Room fireplace. You can read about it HERE.

Formal Dining:


Family Room:




We totally renovated the Family Room. You can read all about it HERE.

Here are a few pictures of the room after we renovated it while we lived here.

And just for fun, here’s the room BEFORE we renovated it.

We also added new chunky baseboards HERE.




In addition to removing all the paneling in the kitchen and texturing all the walls (not pictured or blogged about), we also knocked out a small wall hanging from the ceiling HERE.



Breakfast room:


I fixed the tile step from the breakfast room to the Family Room HERE.

Bedroom 2 (next to bathroom):


(Decorated for my daughter before we moved:)


Bedroom 1 (next to foyer):

(It was decorated as a University of Texas room for Travis – hence the burnt orange racer stripes.)

Bathroom 2:


I updated this bathroom HERE.

Here’s a picture of it after I updated it while we lived here.

And just for fun, here’s a BEFORE picture:

Master Bedroom:


Master Bath:



I renovated this bathroom. You can see the blog post about it HERE. Also, here are a few pictures from my renovation post.

Master Closet:

Click HERE to read about painting the closet.




In addition to all the renovations listed above, here are other features and updates to the house:

* At the beginning of 2009 we had a sprinkler system installed in the front and back yard.
* Scraped all popcorn off ceilings in all bedrooms, hallway, and entryway.
* Wired the family room for surround sound
* Painted every room in the house in 2009 including all closets – all fresh brand new paint on walls, baseboards, and all moulding.
* Removed a dead tree in the backyard
* Installed brand new ceiling fans in every bedroom and the family room.
* Brand new baseboards in breakfast area
* Completely decked out the attic with plywood for additional storage
* All wall switches, plugs, covers and plates were beige. We replaced all of them with brand new white ones.

Thanks for your continued support!

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  1. Merideth Calderwood says:

    how do i enter for the free give away?

  2. That is a great floor plan! Good luck selling your home, I hope it goes fast!

  3. All your great work and charming touches will go a long way. Someone who deserves it will get it – soon, I hope!

  4. I’ve been to Texas before and always drool when I see the prices. I’m in the Los Angeles area and I know you lived here before, so you can understand my drooling. The house is lovely and you should have no problem selling. Is the real estate market better than it was a few years ago? Just curious. Katharine

  5. that is not far from where my beau grew up in coppell! I wish I could moved back home and buy your house!
    what’s it listing for?

  6. OMG!! My husband and I are looking to move to that area in October 2011. We live in Lewisville right now in an apartment and are quickly outgrowing it! Unfortunately we’re looking for a rental home as we can’t afford to buy a house right now. Would LOVE if we were able to make this work for us. Good luck and I hope you find a buyer soon!!

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